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The Procession
by Theron Montgomery

Karaoke Funeral
by Tania Rochelle

The View from Tamischeira
by Richard Cumyn

by Paul A. Toth

The Bestowing Sun
by Neil Grimmett

Making Scenes
by Adrienne Eisen

Small Boat with Oars of Different Size
by Thom Ward

Interesting Monsters
by Aldo Alvarez

The Gauguin Answer Sheet
by Dennis Finnell

Rosicrucian in the Basement
by Robert Sward

by Aaron Roy Even

A Patrimony of Fishes
by Doug Lawson

The Blue Moon Review

About The Blue Moon Review

The Blue Moon Review (founded as The Blue Penny Quarterly) has been published continuously since early 1994, making it one of the oldest living literary magazines online, and one of the few with an ongoing international following.

While names and faces on the masthead have changed over time, the magazine was founded, and continues to be directed and published, by Doug Lawson.
Contributors to BMR are some of the most lauded writers around, including winners of Best American Short Story & Guggenheim awards, fellowships from the NEA and other institutions. They publish work offline in top literary journals you may have heard of, places like the Paris Review, Glimmer Train Stories, Poetry, Zoetrope, Story, and elsewhere. Oh, and they also publish books.

Yes, this is a legit form of publishing. Yes, agents read us regularly. Yes, we receive a great deal of submissions, most of which we do not accept. No, all online magazines do not have a worldwide audience of more than 25,000 people. We, however, do. (They point out any typos.)

BMR is published from a passive solar house out in the woods south of Richmond, Virginia and the James River. Issues may not be archived on any machine (unless we put it there) and may not be used for any purpose without written consent of the publisher.

All content is copyright 1994-2002. All rights are reserved.


The Blue Moon Review is copyright 1994-2002, All rights are reserved. So there.