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"Winter crawled out of the furred countryside a waking beast and raked the walls of their little cabin. Eve taught at school until the start of winter vacation. Then she spent her days at home, with Sailor. They sealed off the drafty bedroom with towels and plastic sheeting, and settled into blankets on the couch by the patio door, making love and reading out loud to each other from their favorite novels. At night they slept on a futon, feet stretched to the furnace's open flame."

by Aaron Paulson


"Jill said, "Watch this," and slipped over the edge of the boat, into the water without a splash. Then she was a dolphin circling you, her dorsal fin moving in and out of the water. You had the feeling that you should get in the water with her, but as you looked at her, held the slide up to the sun, you weren't sure she was a dolphin after all. You couldn't see under the surface and you'd always felt sharks and dolphins looked alarmingly alike."

by Christiana Langenberg


"Without fail, "weed garden" was always one of the written commands of my father. It was frequently included in a varying list of tasks: pick up dogshit (dog-dirt if he was feeling particularly amiable), clean rooms, sweep pool, etc. I hated weeding that freaking garden. Mostly we just picked up the dogshit in the yard, because it was a pragmatic task for us: we needed a clean surface for wrestling, and we needed an obstacle-free wiffleball field."

by Frank Tempone


The Waiting Room

"Suddenly I hear my name and my belly goes butterfly and as the nurse is taking me down the hall and chatting me up a bit, I realize that it is a man. But a man on his way to being something more, and he is actually in that in between place, and I start to flirt, just a bit, and he smiles all brilliant white and shows me to my room and tells me his name is Gregory. "

by Peter Bebergal


"Duke and I drank a bottle of wine and smoked a joint in the dark of our compartment. Through the window a herd of silhouettes grazed in a field, prompting Duke, "Do you suppose that people got mad cow disease because cows had mad grass disease?'"

by Whit Honea


"Before he could react, a few loose brake drums slid off the raised palette, dropped ten feet, and one of them landed on his head. Fat Sal and the forklift finally slammed into the next row of shelving,sending auto parts and dust bursting all over like giant hunks of confetti."

by Michael McCole



"He heard a rush of sound behind him, and felt something hard hit his back. An empty wooden hanger clattered to the floor. A dresser drawer followed, sailed past him, and as he ducked, flinging an arm over his head. It hit the wall, spilling his underwear and socks around him on the floor. 'Let me help you pack,' she spat out."

by Bee Sehrt


The Mouse Inheritance

"In his letter to them, after apologizing for what he was about to do, and after saying how he wanted them to know it was not their fault, Carl wrote: 'I leave my record albums and Venus fly traps to Jim, my coins including the Civil War bullets to Edith, and I leave Ziggy, Zygote, and Zip to Gina.'"

by Helen Storey


Frequently Asked Questions

"Q. I have an uneasy feeling about Frank. Will he pay my thousand dollars of babysitting money back?
A. He'll blow it all on quarter slots at Asbury Park next weekend, then dump you for Mary Ellen."

by Margaret Gray


Career Moves

"The ad said very clearly: 'Wanted. One Jim Sallis. To Start Immediately. Experience Required. Apply in Person.' This is what I'd been waiting for."

"The chin in its strap was jutted up to the night sky and a thin, eery, beatific smile spread the smooth mahogany face in a catatonic stare of half-closed, unblinking green eyes. 'Sweet Jesus,' Coach Gibbs whispered."

by Theron Montgomery


"We were pulling into adjacent spaces in the parking lot at Foodmart, and he misjudged and plowed head on into my old Pontiac. Though we didn't bother to exchange insurance information, the next morning I woke up with him in my bed."

by Karen Hertzberg


False Alarm

"'George is hard to talk to but he has a great sense of irony,' Dan says into his glass. 'He's also apparently really talented as a zoologist.'"

by Ross Taylor

"The doctor knew another story about an old world thick and stiff with arrogance, tradition, with the way things always were. On maps, they drew fantastical monsters in the land beyond known boundaries. "

by Kay Sundstrom

What Goes Inside a Lead Box?

"'It's uranium,' I said. 'And I got most of it from garage sales.' Armstrong's father didn't say anything, just carried the Geiger counter out the front door and sat on the porch and smoked."

by Marnie Webb


""Like this," my father said, and he put his hand on mine and adjusted it carefully, resting the stick on my small fingers in a way that felt right, like I was in control."

by Jonathan Rubinstein


"With the black circles around his eyes, the black lipstick on his mouth, he looked a bit like Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands."

by Douglas Thornsjo



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