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Some time ago, I was holding forth in the Cafe Blue about wanting to do a magazine sometime that required all its poems and/or stories to have been published somewhere or other before. This runs counter to the rule of most journals, online and off, that only previously unpublished work need apply.

Doug Lawson offered the space and the go-ahead, so off I went in search of, not the Best Poetry of 2000, or the Best Poems by Poets between Forty-five and Eighty, but for a clutch of poems that seemed to live well together and which might have been missed by readers who hadn't spotted them in earlier incarnations.

Some of these were found online, some by rummaging through books on the shelves here in the apartment, and some by browsing in stores. Finding Bobby Byrd's poem on Phillip Whalen while browsing at Niko's over at the corner of 6th Avenue and W. 11th Street led me to break the tacit no-work-by-friends-or-acquaintances rule I'd been holding to. Hell, why discriminate against *them*?

So, here they are, all republished with the permission of their authors. The rest was mostly intuitive work for me--fitting pieces to other pieces, listening to them mutter among themselves. Enjoy!

Halvard Johnson

by Gene Frumkin

Poem For My 60th Birthday
by Dick Allen

Now That I Know What Feverfew Looks Like
by Elaine Equi

South America
by Tom Raworth

Words of Wisdom
by Mark Pawlak

The Art of Poetry
by Bobby Byrd

Some Anthropology
by Michael Heller

The Reality Executive
by James V. Cervantes

Those Sunday Afternoons
by Charles O. Hartman

The News from Mars
by Wendy Battin

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