More BMR Authors' Books:

The Procession
by Theron Montgomery

Karaoke Funeral
by Tania Rochelle

The View from Tamischeira
by Richard Cumyn

by Paul A. Toth

The Bestowing Sun
by Neil Grimmett

Making Scenes
by Adrienne Eisen

Small Boat with Oars of Different Size
by Thom Ward

Interesting Monsters
by Aldo Alvarez

The Gauguin Answer Sheet
by Dennis Finnell

Rosicrucian in the Basement
by Robert Sward

by Aaron Roy Even

A Patrimony of Fishes
by Doug Lawson

The Blue Moon Review Archives




Sausage Man by Timothy Boudreau
In the Wake by Thomas Mott

Schadenfreude by Neil Dorenbosch

When Glaciers Melt by Elliot Satsky

Moon of the Falling Leaves by Lawrence g. Yates

In a Mirror, Walking Backward by Marnie Webb

The How To Section by Janet Benton

Libation by Jordan Rosenfeld

Golfing Stories
by Neil Grimmett

The Epidural
by Lori Ann Stephens

Elite Spa
by Robert Dall

by Tony Nesca

Snow Country by Aaron Paulson

Like This, Only Fathoms Deeper by Christiana Langenberg

Catching Bob by Frank Tempone

The Waiting Room by Peter Bebergal

Jazz by Whit Honea

The Old Farts Tour by Nick Padron

The Dispirited Mouse by J. K. Mason
Moon Shot! 25 Cents! by Grady C. Jaynes





2/04: POETRY

Darwin's Finches by Wendy Mnookin

More Map than Sestina by Tara Gilbert-Brever

First Mammogram
by Kathryn Kirkpatrick

by Lightsey Darst

How I Responded To The Invitation
by Kate Bernadette Benedict

Hard Frost
by Richard Krawiec

Cold Milk
by Christine Boyka Kluge

16 Hours in Bradford, Pennsylvania
by Jesse Lee Kercheval

by Tony Barnstone

by Kathryn Stripling

the cd player
by Dennis DiClaudio

Madras 1992
by S. Diwakar

The Blueness
by Richard Garcia

Two Poems
by Carol Moldaw

Taking His Name, In Translation
by Margaret Szumowski

My New Book
by Joseph Young

Two Poems
by Joel Brouwer

In the Driveway
by Elizabeth Simson

Two Poems
by James Harms

Old Men
by Melissa Ahart

Soup Is Back
by Claudia Grinnell

by Susan Mickelberry

Three Poems
by David St. John

Two Poems
by Aliki Barnstone

by Robert Lunday

by Dinah Berland

Opening the Summer House
by B.A. St. Andrews

What Was Given
by Richard Foerster
Wash, Rinse, Repeat a special feature guest edited by Halvard Johnson





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Ten works, Twelve women, and as many ways to look at a blue moon.

Molten Lava
by Paul A. Toth
Child, Stand Up by David Hutto

invisible insights by Dorothee Lang

The Bounder's Etiquette Book by Tobias Seamon, Andrea Morris, & Ryan McCabe



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