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The Procession
by Theron Montgomery

Karaoke Funeral
by Tania Rochelle

The View from Tamischeira
by Richard Cumyn

by Paul A. Toth

The Bestowing Sun
by Neil Grimmett

Making Scenes
by Adrienne Eisen

Small Boat with Oars of Different Size
by Thom Ward

Interesting Monsters
by Aldo Alvarez

The Gauguin Answer Sheet
by Dennis Finnell

Rosicrucian in the Basement
by Robert Sward

by Aaron Roy Even

A Patrimony of Fishes
by Doug Lawson

The Blue Moon Review


The Blue Moon Review, 1999-2002
A huger run! Many fantasic, glorious pieces of work from brilliant writers. Please stay tuned while we get this issue archived properly--links may be somewhat difficult in the meantime.

The Blue Moon Review, 1998-1999
A huge issue! Work from Alex Keegan, Paul A. Toth, Anjana Basu, Bruce Harris Bentzman, Halvard Johnson, Jamie O'Halloran, Barry Spacks, Aaron Even, Dinty Moore, and others. Special Feature: Fame, guest edited by Robert Sward.


The Blue Moon Review: Summer, 1997

Work from Edward Falco, Jack Carneal, Kelly Easton, Mariska Stamenkovic, Dennis Finnell, Taylor Graham, Janet Holmes, Lisa Norris, Mark Trainer, Mark Harril Saunders, and others.

The Blue Moon Review: Winter/Spring 1997

Special Feature: "Insert Canada Here," edited by Richard Cumyn. Art from Judy Leemann. Work from John O'Brien, Avery Chenoweth, Barry Spacks, Jack Hettinger, Tristan Seifer, Jennifer Howard, Steve Emerson, Bruce Bentzman, Thomas Hubschman, Alfred Corn, Eric Nelson, and others.

The Blue Moon Review: Fall, 1996

Work from Gregory Cowles, Wendy Cholbi, Robin Hemley, Walter Cummins, Faith Miller, Alan DeNiro, Thomas Hubschman, and others. Spokenword from Debra Marquart and The Bone People. Animations by Jonah Tobias.

The Blue Penny Quarterly: Summer, 1996

Guest Edited by Robert Sward. Harold Brodkey interviewed by Jordan Elgrably, and work from Dion Farquhar, Lisa Norris, Bob Holman, Ruth Diagon, Elissa Alford, David Swanger, and others.

BPQ: Spring 1996
Stories from Edward Falco, Jordan Elgrably, Jennifer Buxton, Katherine Williams, Mark Trainer, Paul Berry, Aldo Alvarez, Peter Rondinone, Elizabeth Clarke, David Appell, Pat Guiney. Poetry from David Kitchel, Chris Waters, Ronald Edward Kittell, Philip Hughes.

BPQ: Winter 1995
Stories from David McNair, Charles Chaim Wax, Faith Miller, James Katowich, Thomas J. Hubschman; Poetry from Browning Porter and Robert Klein Engler, Nonfiction by Kenneth Alewine.

BPQ: Fall 1995
Stories from Michael Knight, Taylor Stannard, Amelia Fortenberry Franz, Thomas Hubschman, Richard Cumyn, Halvard Johnson and Tom Guest. Poetry by Matthew Kirsch, Wendy Battin, Tim Bellows, Browning Porter, Robert Sward.

BPQ: Summer 1995
Work from Edward Ashton, Richard Cumyn, Sharon Yamanaka, Leigh Palmer, Melanie Zyck, Mina Kennedy, Davis McCombs, Ioana Ieronim (translated by Adam J. Sorkin with the poet ), Paul Glennon, and Eva Shaderowfsky. Also available via ftp in a much better-looking Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.

Issues #1 through #3 available in self-contained Macintosh format, available on request. May not run on all systems


The Blue Moon Review is copyright 1994-2002, All rights are reserved. So there.