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The Blue Moon Review

Cold Milk
by Christine Boyka Kluge

Gnats collapse 

into your full glass

from the heat of the lamp.

For a moment,

you watch them swim;

you drift along

in the milk.

You already understand

the cold weight on wings,

the blank expanse of grief--

now you begin to see

how death's

black snow

peppers even sweetness.

Christine Boyka Kluge's first book of poetry, Teaching Bones to Fly, will be published by Bitter Oleander Press in 2003. Her writing has received several Pushcart Prize nominations and was given the 1999 Frances Locke Memorial Poetry Award by The Bitter Oleander. Her writing is anthologized in No Boundaries: Prose Poems by 24 American Poets from Tupelo Press, (Some from) DIAGRAM: a Print Anthology from Del Sol Press and Sudden Stories: A Mammoth Anthology of Miniscule Fiction from Mammoth Books. She's also a visual artist.

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