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I hate to admit it, but while we were
making love the night before
you left, I was committing
your movements to memory, the way
you placed your hands on my thighs
like a nearsighted scholar, opening
an unabridged dictionary—meaning
to magnify the marvelous.
Was there a mezzuzah at the door,
a mezzanine above?
I don't remember much
after that imagistic moment, though
I must have muttered
metaphors into the mattress.
Marry me . . .
marry me again, I must have said,
because you did, and you did, and you did.

Dinah Berland's poems have appeared in publications including The Antioch Review, The Iowa Review, Ploughshares, and Third Coast, and are anthologized in Verse and Universe: Poems about Science and Mathematics (Milkweed Editions, 1998) and elsewere. She began writing poetry after a career as a photographer and art writer and has since received her MFA in poetry from Warren Wilson College, a poetry fellowship from the California Arts Council, a Chester H. Jones Foundation poetry prize, and the Hackney Literary Award. She works as a book editor for Getty Publications in Los Angeles.

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