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The Blue Moon Review

the cd player
by Dennis DiClaudio

the cd player skips. the cd player 

skips and we haven't the money 

to fix it. we are tired of looking 

at each other and we are tired of 

the way my hair looks in the morning. 

the cd player has scars because i 

punch it. the word "defenestrate" pops 

often to mind. we are looking for the 

toothpaste and then hurl it through the door 

when we find it. we are tired. we are so 

tired. we do not want carrots for dinner 

again and we cannot watch this movie 

one more time. but it always is on reruns

and it is better than hearing our favorite

song mangled in loops. we 

throw shoes at the cd player out of 

frustration. i opened the window the 

other day and got as far as the couch 

with the cd player in my hands. and. and. 

and. and.

Dennis DiClaudio Dennis DiClaudio is an editor for Ducky Magazine and (parenthetical note).

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