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The Blue Moon Review


In the Driveway
by Elizabeth Simson

the fold of her body is a frame to look through,

thoroughfare to a memory of skin's salt,

sharp aftertaste of late evening, the sun going down.

in the lick of light, the driveway's baked pavement

steams under the spray of the hose, water rising in

a smell of hot metal and warm air, suntan lotion,

and damp bathing suits crumpled in towels

on the bathroom floor. the mind knits scent to knowing,

as if a whiff of the wet driveway and a stale swim suit

could resurrect my sister's body,

and not merely that, but her mind even,

her love for me. how much of what we remember

ceases to be true? then the girl

in the peppermint-striped suit with her sisters

washes mom's station wagon, the low sun glowing

their skin to red perfection, and nothing has happened

to cause us to doubt that this is right,

this is all there is.

Elizabeth Simson's poetry has appeared in Earth's Daughters, Sagewoman, Gertrude, and elsewhere. She received an Editor's Choice award for her poems in 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology (Anamnesis Press). Elizabeth earned her BA from Willamette University in 1996 and received a Younger Scholar's Award from the National Endowment for the Humanities. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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