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The Blue Moon Review


Dolphin Charter, Cape May, NJ
by Gregory Pardlo

When Helios has dragged his wagon
out to sea and slipped gauzily inside
the horizon’s crisp incision;
when we return reserves
of crescent fish to the water,
sowing dark thumbnails
of waves along the evening’s
auburn furrow;
when the chiseled eye and blunted beak  
remind us both of bronzes
at Versailles; when we’ve forgotten
stationary feet and cannot judge
our pace or estimate arrival
but in relation to the jargoned
architecture around the lamp-lit estuary—
though there are no absolutes
except that twirled baton of light
as we flow both with and against
the swelling flood, the coastal plate,
the falling air and teeming ether;
when carnivals of iridescent skin
no longer gallop the divergent wake;
when all greetings from the shore
have been returned, that neighborly
inter-elemental semaphore; when we have
thread the inlets to the roadside dock,
disembarked and, like the charter’s
muscled pivot, made
our k-turn in the gravel lot,
that’s the first time you will
yawn all day
as I wheel then drift in traffic,
making like a gondolier rippling
through a shared mirage. We’ll
feel the land expand like lungs
and fall, become our own spectators
(like sometimes when we make love)
to gauge our ark’s departure,
watch our vessel drive away the way
we’d watch a boat head seaward as it’s
melting on the delta of its wake. 

Gregory Pardlo received an MFA from New York University as a New York Times Fellow in poetry. He has received a fellowship from the MacDowell Colony and is a graduate fellow of the Cave Canem poet's workshop. His poems and translations have appeared in Calalloo, Hawai'i Review, La Petite Zine, Lyric, Painted Bride Quarterly and Ploughshares. He teaches at The New School and John Jay College (CUNY) in Manhattan.

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