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The Blue Moon Review

How I Responded To The Invitation
by Kate Bernadette Benedict

By not opening it when it came.  

By letting it fall behind the Hepplewhite dresser

where it slid with a swoosh into wisps of dust.

By teasing it out, eventually, and holding it up

to the hallís one harsh unshaded light.

By sliding a thumb under the flap, methodically,

then drawing out the several diaphanous paper panes inside.

A multicolor stardust wafted out of the envelope,

a glossy stuff which settled on my slippers and glittered my hair.

By reading it and reading it.

Whose name was this, 

announcing a reception in fine calligraphy?  

A godparent?  A cousin once removed?

The name contained Norwegian vowels and French cedillas;

I could not pronounce it.

By making preparations.

How would I get there?

I pondered the directions:

take the Major Duomo to an unmarked exit

then count traffic lights.

A limousine, then, a white stretch.

Iíd fund it somehow.

By buying new clothes, chiffon, Lurex,

and a strand of apotropaic catís eye beads.

By realizing I would look ridiculous.

By not responding if I pleased.

I steamed off the stamp on the return envelope 

and put it in a drawer with all the others.

I am always getting invitations!

All that vellum and glassine wasted,

that precious gold leaf.

I didnít go.  

I never go. 

Who wants me there, anyway? 

Who keeps forgiving my aloofness and my truancy?

Who asks once again for my attendance,

requesting it cordially,

calling it an honor?

Kate Bernadette Benedict's publication credits include print journals such as Slant, Rhino, ELF, Thema, and The American Voice and online journals such as The DMQ Review, The Cortland Review and The New Formalist. Kate lives in New York City where she has worked in book publishing and finance. Her poetry collection Here From Away will be published late in the fall of 2003 by CustomWords.

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