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The Blue Moon Review

First Mammogram
by Kathryn Kirkpatrick

Whoever built this machine

couldnít love breasts.

I am between glass plates

and no one has performed the ritual

of asking the bodyís forgiveness:

For the pain you are about to receive

Instead, itís like the way

we slaughter animals.

When the nurse says theyíve found

a mass, my knees buckle.

We are strangers beneath bright lights.

Sonogram. Ultrasound. This room is darker

but Iím not convinced itís for me

the lights are dimmed. Then I wait

for another stranger, a man

who has seen inside the soft tissue:

probably a scar in only 1% of such cases

does it turn out to be I am safe for the time

being as Iíll ever be unless it changes

in six months weíll see you again

I might have told him

this is where the belt buckle

marked me when I was fourteen

or I know a man is dangerous

when I dream a woman with

a scar on her chest, female Parzival

in a wasteland.

But no one here wants to hear

and I donít remember myself

until later, with my clothes on

when I recall my young breast

with the sear like a brand

my father made

I had not thought so deep.

Kathryn Kirkpatrick lives in Vilas, North Carolina, and is Professor of English at Appalachian State University where she serves as editor of Cold Mountain Review. She holds a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Emory University, where she received an Academy of American Poets poetry prize. Her first book of poems, The Body’s Horizon (Signal Books, 1996), won the Brockman-Campbell award, selected by Alicia Ostriker. Her second collection, Beyond Reason, is forthcoming from Pecan Grove Press. Her poems have appeared in Calyx, Epoch, Kalliope, Rattle, Shenandoah, Sojourner, South Carolina Review, Southern Poetry Review and other magazines.

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