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The Blue Moon Review

by Lightsey Darst

Never say

you'll sell your body if you have to,

     because you'll have to, if

you say you will: God's rules.

And it's harder to laugh when you don't

         believe in god. Dimes

stuck in sidewalk cracks, a girl's

     got to buy mascara somehow,

     here's our last stop, bus radio

hisses like poisonous teeth.

I used to hear songs in the keys

of all the kisses I passed up. And everything that used to be

still is: Sunday,

       the country store, Spanish moss, a blessing

on that pretty head--

but you'll have to, my darling, my flower,

no matter what god's good girls can do.

I don't believe because

I want to die only once: easily, an azalea

     crushed by frost.


In 2003Lightsey Darst was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, a residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota, and an AWP Intro Journals Award. Lightsey's recent work has been published or is forthcoming in The North Stone Review, Poetry Motel, and Quarterly West.

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