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The Blue Moon Review

Taking His Name, In Translation
by Margaret Szumowski

Margaret Szumowski loves the mouth of her last name,

The zoom that gave her the last name,

The zoom that gave her the oom, the oom pah pah

Of a lover, the zooming in of a morning lover, the zoo

Of marriage and children, the oom of loving his

Delicious self again and again, the ski of the downslope

And the zoom of the downslope and the crash on the downslope

And the strength to ski up the mountain, the bloom of the zoom

Of marrying this Polish wonder, Chopin of the West,

The slips and lips of loving him, the ow of some moment,

The awe of his lips, his touch, the groom she always wanted

On skis, prince of skis. The sh of shmovski as it should

Be said, the sh of the two softly together, the show

Of bodies, the moving, the garret of her name, the favorite

Garret where she visits the mar that she loves so much, what mars her

And what keeps her, the mar at the edge of the sea,

Mar ski, the love of water, the love of her Polish boy,

The sea of marriage to her Polski, making the mouth

Of love to her Polish lover, Szumowski.

Margaret Szumowski graduated from the University of Iowa and shortly thereafter took off for the Peace Corps where she served in the Congo and Ethiopia. As a hostage in Uganda, she had the distinction of having her photo taken by Idi Amin-a sort of keepsake for him. Szumowski received her MFA from the University of Massachusetts, and at the end of her orals with Jim Tate, she commented on how much she enjoyed the program. Tate's response: "Even more than being a hostage of Idi Amin?" accompanied by that great laugh of his. Szumowski is currently Associate Professor of English. at Springfield Technical Community College. Her work has appeared in Calyx, Willow Springs, American Poetry Review, Poetry East, The Agni Review, River Styx, as well as in a chapbook, Ruby's Cafe. Her first book-length collection of poetry, I Want This World, was published by Jeffrey Levine of Tupelo Press. She is the winner of the 2002 Peace Corps Writers prize for poetry.

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