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The Blue Moon Review

Hard Frost
by Richard Krawiec

On the dirt driveway

the cracking beneath my feet

seems birthed

and contained

in the tight amoeba-

sphere of my body,

as if the air,

the star-sieved

black morning sky

are illusions

of space

Is this Descartes


I step, I am

my world,

entire, constrained--

I am

the stricken footfalls

that say

Christ Christ Christ

all the way


to my home.

Richard Krawiec has published 2 novels, a collection of shorts stories and dozens of poems and stories in places like Many Mountains Moving, Artful Dodge, Blue Moon Review, Full Circle, Negative Capability and elsewhere. He has been fortunate to win fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Richard directs a non-profit, VOICES, whose mission is to teach writing to people in homeless shelters, literacy classes, prisons, and elsewhere.

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