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The Blue Moon Review

by Tony Barnstone

"How much do you love me," she'd teased him, "Tell."

He knew enough to count the ways he knows,

how rubbing slick and sticky aloe gel

on shoulders, neck, and down her collar bone

onto her breasts, he felt between his palms 

the slender bones divided by the flesh, 

the adding in of skin and scent like poems

of memory, oblivion and sex.

He loves her so much he cannot be angry

the day she cracks, and tells him to believe

she has to leave him gaping, leave him hungry,

that it's beyond all choice, she has to leave.

And she does, leaves him alone, leaves him flat,

and he still loves her.  How much love is that?

Tony Barnstone is Associate Professor English at Whittier College, the author of a book of poetry, Impure (University Press of Florida, 1999), a chapbook of poems, Naked Magic (Mainstreet Rag, 2002), and has edited and/or translated several books of Chinese poetry and prose, including Out of the Howling Storm: The New Chinese Poetry (Wesleyan University Press, 1993), Laughing Lost in the Mountains: Selected Poems of Wang Wei (University Press of New England, 1991), and The Art of Writing: Teachings of the Chinese Masters (Shambhala Publications, Inc., 1996). His forthcoming books are The
Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry (Anchor Books, 2004) and a number of textbooks for Prentice Hall Publishers. A selection of his translations, as well as an interview with Tony Barnstone, are available at The Drunken Boat.

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The Blue Moon Review is copyright ©1994-2002, All rights are reserved. So there. ISSN 1079-042x